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Critic, inspiriting, creative, dialogist, international, supportive, private/public, necessary, committed, visible, free.

As a result of this, we have conceived a new strategy which clearly aims to normalize this desired and necessary international presence. From our point of view, it is essential for the qualitative leap that our theatre needs and the creative potential our artists demand.

So, we intend to perform shows on a regular basis with international production, equipment, circuits and finance, which will help our theatre to find a place abroad, and to consolidate the presence of certain Spanish artists internationally. That will, in turn,promote links and exchanges with the scenic reality of other countries.

We want to present a stable international project, with Barcelona as its landmark and hub for the organizational headquarters.

BIT is a private project, an initiative by Grup Focus, whose DNA identifies theatre as a whole and which it is not devoid of objectives with a clearly public dimension.

The project is based on five essential elements:

  • Factory of Creation

    BIT will not be a stable company, nor will it be restricted to a predetermined list of artists, but it will rather be an inspirational centre which creates international scenic projects. The organizational and management headquarters will be in Barcelona, although this will not condition the creation or execution of the projects in any other part of the world.

  • Artistic

    Borja Sitjà will be accompanied by an Artistic Board of international scenic personalities that guarantees the credibility and presence of the project and ensures our contribution to a new trend in the development of the international performing arts.

  • Promotion of National Talent

    BIT will promote the creative assets of our artists, favoring an enriching osmosis with foreign talent. Momentary relationships will be created with artists, subject to a specific experience. Doubtlessly, the consolidation of this project will generate a powerful multiplying effect, able to put names (directors, authors, stage directors, actors, actresses...) on the international map.This will, in turn, open up the borders, which usually are a barrier for their scenic activity.

  • International Cooperation

    Strengthening international coproduction dynamics, both those with an unmistakable public dimension as well as private productions, will be a fundamental premise in the development of BIT.
    Agreements to achieve stable relationships with international and Spanish production centers will enable each show to be handled with the necessary partners and an organized exhibition circuit.

  • Specialised Management

    Under the umbrella of Grup Focus and with a specific team, directed by Borja Sitjà, a qualified expert in the international field, BIT will develop its projects with rigorous and a plausible planning concerning economic feasibility and international mobility.